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This is a classic board / two player game where the players take turns placing or moving tokens. The goal is to make a straight line of 3 tokens of your color in any direction allowed by the connecting lines. This is called a "mill". Closing a mill allows you to capture one token of the adversary as long as that token is not itself part of a completed mill. The player who captures all of its opponent's tokens wins.

You start with a reserve of 9 tokens that you can place on any empty spot on the board. Once you run out of tokens, you can start moving them. You can move a token to any adjacent empty spot (you can't skip to anywhere on the board). Once you complete a mill, the tokens that can be captured are shown in green.

When you change the option Player vs AI to 2 Player at the top, it doesn't take effect until you restart the game. The pass buttons are only meant to help in those cases where all the tokens of one player are blocked.

puce Short explanation on the game structure